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The Shop

"A day of leisure is a day of immortality"   - Chinese proverb

The idea was to make a friendly place, where it is good to take your time, like passing by in a breeze. Come alone, with friends or family. Come and have your mustache trimmed in 10 minutes, and stay 1 hour for a coffee and read a comic.

I fell in love with Bayonne on a rainy day. I wanted to make a place in which it is pleasant to wait for the end of the shower.

Sophie, the Barber

“Hair is a material with multiple possibilities.

I worked in theater, among other things, as a director and I do hair with the same objectives: to sublimate the raw material to highlight people.

Tailor-made: respect the style, lare  envies, the nature of the one sitting on my armchair...

 I put all my energy and my craft into it.

For that, I chose the most respectful products of our environment  that I could find."  

La Barbière Bayonne .jpg
"Dad he said he's very soft because of your fault" Lilly, 5 years old
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